Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Beginning

It has been almost two weeks since I completed my first year of law school. A week from today I will be driving five and a half hours south of Austin to San Juan, Texas. People tell me it is an entirely different world in a border town. I've also been on the receiving end of some highly questioning looks. As in "Why would you want to go down there?"

Why not!? Even though I am no longer studying anthropology, I am still an anthropologist at heart. I find people and cultures fascinating. I am looking forward to seeing a whole new part of Texas, a whole new part of America.

I will be working as a Law Clerk for the South Texas Civil Rights Project. The internship lasts nine weeks. With gas prices at nearly four dollars a gallon, I won't see Austin for more than two months.

I am a little nervous, but excited about my job and the opportunity to spend time in a new place. I will have access to a pool and I'm sure there is at least one good place to drink a Lone Star.

I intend to post regularly about what I am doing. I won't discuss the cases I am working on, but I think there will be many stories to tell anyway. I would love for people to comment, so please do!