Friday, July 4, 2008

Mom Says "Write a Post Already"

I talked to my Mom a couple of days ago and she informed me I needed to update my blog. So here you go Mom, an update. Finally!

First I want to congratulate my Mom on her new job. I'm really proud of her and very excited for her! Yay Mom! She gets to go to California for a two week training and I am kind of jealous because I've never been to California.

Since it has been forever I will just jot down some highlights of the last few weeks.

I finally went to the beach! South Padre Island is very commercialized but the ocean was a gorgeous sea green and the water was deliciously warm. I swam a bunch and was almost knocked over by a big wave. I'm short people! The wave was taller than me! Plus miracle of miracles I didn't get a sunburn. Thank you Bobbi for the birthday present sunscreen.

I also went over to Mexico after work one day with a group of the women from the office. We paid a quarter to walk across the bridge that spans the Rio Grande (or the Rio Bravo as it's called in Mexico). The view was beautiful but I of course forgot my camera. Once on the other side I noticed the unending rows of pharmacies and dentists. It was crazy. It is much much cheaper to purchase medicine in Mexico and it is also cheaper to get dental work. So lots of the Winter Texans cross over to buy their drugs. I also saw a tank and half a dozen soldiers with guns. Apparently the Mexican government is trying to crack down on the illegal drug trade. We had a nice dinner and then we paid 35 cents to cross back over the bridge.

I also discovered a coffee shop in McAllen. It is called Moonbeans. I thought that was a clever name. Right now they are playing oldies on the radio. They have yummy coffee and a tasty blueberry scone. I am quite happy I found it. Hanging out in coffee shops is one of my favorite things to do and I've missed it since I've left Austin. Plus they have the internet. The internet is like a drug to me and I don't have it at the house I'm living in.

In other news I am enjoying lawyering. I remember sitting in the dirt digging up dead people's trash and thinking I didn't really want to do this for the rest of my life. So the fact that I enjoy what I am doing right now is a huge relief. I picked the right path this time! Woohoo!

I will try and update more often after this but no promises Mom.

P.S. Happy Birthday America!

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